bodyguard with security earpiece and gun
A premium Safety upgrade for you

Los Angeles Limo – Defensive Drivers and Bodygaurds


At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine we have always offered a fast, reliable service in the luxury vehicle of your choice. We are now proud to offer a unique service unlike any other. Upon request you may have a chauffeur who has undergone extensive training as both a defensive driver and professional bodyguard. Some ground transportation companies offer one or the other – at Hollywood Town Car and Limousine you may have both in one.

For peace of mind and added security… your driver will navigate the road reducing the risk of any harm by anticipating potentially dangerous situations before they happen. Defensive Driving goes beyond basic mastery of the road. It employs techniques such as assured clear distance ahead and the two second rule – the two-second rule tells a defensive driver the minimum distance between vehicles to avoid collision. Defensive driving means being prepared for adverse conditions on the road – or the mistakes of others. Because of his training and skill, your chauffeur will be able not only to navigate the road, but also navigate any situation. Defensive driving training and added security measures are premium upgrades to any car service. Now available for all sedans and SUVs.

Your Safety Always Comes First

Not just skilled in defensive driving techniques… you may prefer to have a driver who is trained as a professional bodyguard. For a service that is discreet, reliable and highly professional your bodyguard will have experience in all types of self- defense. Your protection and privacy are paramount to us. People like knowing their driver can handle any type of situation. You don’t have to be a celebrity or head of state to feel safe – just knowing your driver is a trained bodyguard offers peace of mind allowing you to relax and completely enjoy your experience with us.

Why a professional chauffeur?

The difference between having a professional driver as opposed to a generic car service you can summon on your phone is clear: one is professional the other is not. One offers a clean driver with a button down shirt and tie. The other offers you some guy on his way to work who will give you a ride. One is highly trained with an extensive knowledge of the city – the other is not. One is courteous and dedicated to your comfort and safety – the other just wants to “get you there.” At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine we ensure a door to door service that is fast, reliable and luxurious. We don’t just get you there on time. We get you there on time and open the door for you. In the luxury you expect. In the style you deserve.

bodyguard with security earpiece and gun
Make your trip perfect.

We also maintain a wide range of cars for your needs which include Mercedes sprinters, limos, SUVs, party buses and luxury vehicles. Whatever you need we’ve got. Our dispatchers are ready to solve all your industry transportation needs.

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"We were staying at a hotel in Los Angeles and we had to change hotels (don't ask). We called Hollywood Town Car in a panic and our driver showed up in 45 minutes and helped with all the bags. Crisis averted! - Thanks HTCandL"
Joan W
Chicago, Il.

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