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What is the best service option for you or your guest arriving at LAX?

LAX Pickup Options

If you are booking transportation for yourself, a family member, a client or a special VIP arriving at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), there are several options at your disposal when we collect you. Deciding which option is best is quite simple once you have the facts and understand the differences between the types of service are  available to you.

The standard options are:

We also offer 2 types of greeter service at LAX:

Let’s take a look at the differences between these so that you can make an informed decision based on your budget and the level of service that you desire for yourself or that VIP passenger.

LAX Pickup Pricing

These are the current pricing options for the various types of pickups.

Airport Car Service
Option 1 - Curbside Pickup

A curbside pickup works in the following manner.

Our driver waits in the designated LAX limousine lot for the flight. The driver and our operations and dispatch team continuously track the flight. When the flight lands, the passenger simply powers up their mobile device and the driver will contact them via phone call or text message.

The driver will introduce him or herself and let you know they are waiting for you. They will ask you to get back in touch when you are near the curb at your terminal. When you reach the departures pick up area, simply tell the driver what you are wearing and he or she will depart the lot and come collect you curbside.

Curbside pickups are a perfect choice under the following conditions:

  • You want to get out of LAX quickly. A curbside pickup will get you out of LAX in the fastest possible time frame.
  • You have only carry-on baggage. If you do not require assistance with your bags, a curbside pickup may be just what you want.
  • You are a frequent LAX traveler. You already know the drill and want to handle the baggage yourself.
  • The arriving passenger requires special assistance. This is a little counter intuitive but, when a passenger needs special assistance for whatever reason, airline staff will assist the passenger with the retrieval of their luggage and escort them to the curb. If the driver has parked the vehicle in one of the LAX terminal lots, he or she will need to retrieve the vehicle and drive around the entire airport to collect the passenger curbside to avoid the walk to the vehicle.
Pros and Cons of Curbside Pickups


  • Inexpensive A curbside pickup is the least costly way to book a pickup at LAX
  • Quick You will get out of LAX in the fastest possible time frame
  • Less Walking If your driver meets you at the baggage claim, he or she will have needed to park the car in one of the terminal lots at LAX and you will need to walk with the driver to the vehicle. 


  • Can be stressful If you are technically challenged or prone to be stress, worrying about how you will find your car and driver, maybe a curbside pickup is not right for you.
  • Tricky for VIPs If you are booking a trip for a VIP and you are not sure about the level of service they expect or require, we do not recommend a curbside pickup.
A Super Benefit of a Curbside Pickup!

The driver can pick you up at the departures level of LAX.

If your flight arrives later in the day when there are fewer departures and a lot more traffic and passengers at the arrivals level, the driver can meet you curbside at the departures level. This allows you, the driver and your vehicle to avoid the heavy traffic at the arrivals level. If you would like to be met curbside at the arrivals level, please let our booking staff know at the time of booking the reservation.

Option 2 - Baggage Claim Meet and Greet

A meet and greet at the baggage claim is the industry standard for arrivals at LAX or virtually any airport in the world.

As with the curbside pickup, our driver waits in the designated LAX limousine lot for the flight. The driver and our operations and dispatch team continuously track the flight.

When the flight is on approach to LAX, the driver will find parking at the lot that is closest to the baggage claim that is associated with your flight.

Having prepared the signage with the passengers name on it, the driver will purchase a luggage cart and position themselves at the most likely place for you to see your name on the signage. 

Once you and the driver have located each other, you will now head to the baggage carousel so the driver can collect your luggage and load it on to the baggage cart. Once the baggage has been loaded, the driver will escort you to the vehicle and you will be on your way to your final destination.

Baggage Claim Meet and Greet Service is the appropriate choice under the following conditions:

  • You have more luggage than you can handle by yourself. No worries, our driver will collect you and all of your luggage.
Pros and Cons of Meet and Greet Service


  • It’s expected As stated above, when a passenger is being chauffeured from LAX, they assume they will see a sign with their name on it when arriving at any airport.
  • Convenience Having someone help at the baggage carousel is really a treat as fighting other impatient travelers to get a bag is never very fun.
  • Peace of mind If you are technically challenged or prone to be stress, knowing your driver will be there with a sign is quite comforting.


  • More Walking If your driver meets you at the baggage claim, he or she will have needed to park the car in one of the terminal lots at LAX and you will need to walk with the driver to the vehicle.
  • Takes more time More walking equals more time. The driver may also need to wait in line when exiting the parking lot if there are many planes arriving at that time. This is true especially in the afternoon or evening when many flights are arriving at LAX.

An important note on meet and greet services on international flights:

  • At the time of the publishing of this article, international flights can gate at multiple terminals depending on the amount of arrival air traffic at the time. The driver and our operations and dispatch team continuously track the flight, arrival terminal and gate to ensure a seamless experience. When arriving at the Tom Bradley International terminal at LAX, there are multiple routes passengers can walk when approaching the exits of the terminals and once in a while, the passenger will not see the driver or the signage. Please ensure that the passenger has our dispatch number 818-918-3800 before they depart so that if there are issues locating their driver, they can call our offices.
Option 3 - Greeter Service at the Arrival Gate

Having a greeter meet you at the arrivals gate is perfect for VIPs or those that want that special touch when arriving at LAX or any other airport in the world. The greeter that meets you and or your guest at the arrivals gate will not be your driver. Instead, this will be a specially trained and licensed individual that knows LAX like the back of their hand.

Greeter service at the gate

Greeters are also customer service experts. It takes a special kind of person to be an airport greeter. We at Hollywood Town Car and Limousine look for individuals that embody the principle of loving-service. 

The greeter will be waiting as passengers begin to deplane and be standing by with either signage with the passengers name or simply greet the correct passenger as the enter the terminal. If you are booking greeter service with your travel to or from LAX, you can optionally send us an image of the passenger for easy recognition by the person assigned to greet you or your guest.

Prior to your arrival, the greeter will be in contact with your driver to ensure a seamless transition once your party arrives at the curb at LAX.

As with the curbside pickup, our driver waits in the designated LAX limousine lot for the flight. The greeter, driver and our operations and dispatch team continuously track the flight.

When you, your guests and the greeter collect your luggage (if you have any), the greeter will contact the driver and let them know you are headed to the curb.

Our driver waits in the designated LAX limousine lot for communication from the greeter and when indicated, the driver will head into LAX and meet your party curbside and head to your final destination for the day.

A Potential Super Benefit of Greeter Service!

For an extra charge, either Hollywood Town Car, some airlines or some premium hotels will pickup and deliver your bags directly to your final destination. Ask your booking coordinator if the service is available for you.

Arrival Gate Meet and Greet Service is the appropriate choice under the following conditions:

  • The passenger is A or B-list talent . Celebrities that travel often have come to expect this type of service.
  • Cost is not an issue. In almost every situation, the cost of arrival gate greeter service is more than the cost of the vehicle transfer.
  • You want the arriving passenger to know you want the best for them. If you are trying to impress the arriving passenger, this will do it. The level of care our greeters offer to passengers is unparalleled.
Pros and Cons of Greeter Service at the Arrival Gate​


  • Ultimate Luxury Everyone loves to feel special and be treated like royalty.
  • Peace of mind Being met at the gate takes the stress over travel away nearly  completely.


  • Expense This is a premium service and the cost associate can be quite high.
  • Often unavailable on international arrivals. As stated below, this service is unavailable on most but not all international arrivals

A few noteworthy details on arrival gate greeter services:

  • Some premium airlines offer greeter service directly. If this is the case, we will not be able to provide this service by our team. You can still arrange a greeter at the gate. For more information, please contact the airline directly or ask your HTCL booking coordinator.
  • As stated above, due to FTA security regulations, we cannot always offer greeter service at the gate for international flights. Please let your booking coordinator know the flight information and we can check if this service is avauialble for you.
Option 4 - VIP greeter service at the gate or LAX tarmac pickups.

In the case of a-list celebrities, politicians foreign dignitaries or royalty, a different level of service is required. If this is the case and for some reason the passenger must travel on a commercial airline, we can arrange for special dispensation from LAX to handle this situation

Most often, this level of passenger flies private aviation and those planes land at either a smaller airport or one of the fixed-base operator (FBO) terminals at LAX. These fixed based operator terminals have all the security,  customs officers and amenities that you would expect.

If for some reason the passenger must fly commercial we have a number of options available depending on your needs.

  • An LAX Security Team Escort

With proper notice and permitting from LAX, a security team can meet our greeter and the passenger at the jetway and escort the group behind closed doors at LAX until they arrive curbside. At the time this type of escort occurs, the security team will choose the most secluded and uncrowded terminal exit and inform the driver as to that location to avoid as much contact with the public as possible.

  • Greeter Service at a “special location”.

In certain cases, the passenger can head either to the fist class lounge for their airline or a private suite at LAX. More and more airports across the US and globally are building special VIP suites for departing or arriving dignitaries and VIPs Several of these suites have already been completed at LAX. With this service, an armed bodyguard will meet you on the tarmac and a driver will take you to the suite. Our driver will already be at the suite when you arrive and you can take as much time as you would like to rest or refresh yourself, before continuing to your hotel or final destination of the day.

Please call us for more information on this type of service.

  • Tarmac Pickup

In other cases it may be best if our driver meets you directly on the tarmac at LAX. Again, this type of service requires a special permit from LAX. These permits are rarely issued and must be warranted. In the case of certain foreign dignitaries or royalty, the US state department requires that the guest have escorts from both the US Secret Service and the California Highway Patrol until they leave the country. Secret Service protection can be waived but not until the passengers’ security team signs a waiver of responsibility and this cannot be completed until the passenger arrives at their final destination for their stay in Los Angeles.

Please call us for more information on this type of service.

LAX pickup option pricing

Each time any TCP vehicle enters LAX for a pickup, there is a cost to the limo company. Drivers must stop at the LAX limousine lot and purchase a charter trip ticket. For any meet and greet service with your driver, we must also pay for parking. The parking fees do not apply for greeter service or of course curbside pickups. Rather than building this cost into the price of a pickup at LAX, we add it as an extra charge to not affect the prices of other transfer trips such as trips to LAX.

Pick Up at LAX with the Driver Curbside

If you would like to book your LAX arrival with a curbside pickup for a quick exit.

This service is $15.00

Baggage Claim Meet and Greet

If you would like the driver to park the vehicle and meet you inside with a sign.

This service is $25.00

Greeter Service at the Arrival Gate

One of our greeters will meet you at the gate when you disembark from the aircraft.

Starts at $200.00

VIP Meet and Greet on the Jetway or the Tarmac

This premium service is not available on all flights.
Please call for pricing

We hope you find this information useful.

Please feel free to make a comment or ask any questions in the space provided below. One of our experts will get back with you (usually the next business day) with an answer to your question or to an authority that can supply the correct information.

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