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What do chauffeurs do while they are waiting for you?

We chauffeur kids as well as we do adults!

Every state in the country has its own laws and regulations regarding child safety while travelling in a vehicle. At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine our chauffeurs are familiar with the laws of each state and take the utmost care these laws are followed. The laws are there for a reason – to make your child’s safety a top priority. This tends to be subject many don’t think about until the last minute when making their travel arrangements – but if you’re travelling with an infant or toddler it is important to let you know your options so you may secure the safety of your child ahead of time. For a nominal fee, your chauffeur will provide the appropriate seat for your child to make sure the rules of state law are followed and to ensure their safety while travelling with you.

Travelling With Children

There are three types of car seats for youngsters:

  • Rear facing baby seat for infants.
  • Front facing baby seat for infants or toddlers.
  • Booster Seats for children between four to five years old.

It’s the Law!

Believe it or not, drivers can get cited for transporting a child using the wrong type of seat.

The parents of the child must also install the car seat themselves to ensure a secure install and be responsible in case of a faulty installation.

When making your travelling plans with us please be sure to let us know in advance if this is a service you require. By downloading our mobile App and through Google Play – you can make this arrangement easily and effortlessly in the palm of your hand. We’re here to handle all of the ground transportation needs for you and your family.

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At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine your comfort is a top priority but when travelling with children, safety always comes first. When you choose Hollywood Town Car and Limousine you and your children are guaranteed a ride that is not only on time but early. You are given a ride that isn’t just comfortable but luxurious. And most importantly, you are given an experience that is professional, discreet and always safe.

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