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Renting a Car and Driver While In Los Angeles

You’ve arrived in the sunny state of California and you are excited to get moving around the city. Your need to acquire ground transportation may be for personal or business. Whatever the case, when you hire a Los Angeles car service, you can guarantee excellence and an enjoyable ride.

If you’re new in town, you have a great chance to take in many Los Angeles attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios or visit the gorgeous beaches. Most find that renting an LA car service is essential to their schedule and personal needs. That said, there are a few things to consider when deciding to rent a car with a driver to escort you to important meetings or for a night on the town.

How To Select a Car Service and What Are The Costs?

The first thing you want to consider is cost. Most car services are a bit pricey, however, they provide an experience that’s hard to forget. Your goal is to find a business that is reliable, punctual and has verified professional staff. In addition, the fleet of vehicles should be in top tier condition, cleaned inside and out and are up on their maintenance. Safety should be key number one when a driver is rushing through traffic or driving along the Highway. We all want to reach that important meeting on time, but you also want to make it there alive in a car that is well maintained. Costs often depend on your destination points. Many car services can give you an approximate quote when you visit their website and plug in your desired locations.

Types of Cars Available

Car services often have a wide range of cars to choose from that matches your specific needs. Again, you may only require a fun day in the sun with your family and don’t want to bother with traffic yourself. On the other hand, you might need a car that is a discreet with luxury options for your tastes. The fleet of cars you will find with many car services include a list of SUVs, Town Cars, Vans, Buses or Limos.

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Limo Service

This is a common vehicle among fleets available at most companies. The use of an LA limo car service can be a good selection for weddings, nights out on the town, going to high-end events, making a grand entrance, hauling around celebrities, graduations or even a romantic occasion. They are long stretched cars that cruise you around in style. Most times, you will see an LA limousine service that caters to wealthy individuals seeking privacy and concealment from the public. All limo services have beverages of choice by its riders, portals to charge their certain electronic devices, pull out trays for computers, comfortable seats and dark tinted windows. They can hold up to 10 riders per route and there are different types of limos to choose from.

What Amenities Come With My Car?

During the ride in your car service, you may need to finish a document or keep up with important text messages. That said, many car services have a fleets that have awesome amenities that include savvy computer desk trays, USB inserts for charging devices, small televisions to keep track of business markets or jacks for headphones. The interior of the cars are decked out in lavish wood paneling or sometimes a rolling disco ball for parties.

Communication systems are very high tech so business riders can keep in direct contact with their offices. Additional amenities have been trauma kits for those coming from surgery or medical buttons to press in case of an emergency. Several cars will have a bar for alcoholic drinks, crystal counters, and fancy glasses. The big draw for many limos is the entertainment system. These can be huge plasma televisions, surround sound speakers, DVD players, satellite radio or even a game console for some playing time.

What do Chauffeurs do?

Your driver is called your Chauffeur. He or she is responsible in keeping you safe and helping you enjoy your ride to every destination. You could call them a car service butler, as they are highly trained in car etiquette and professional mannerisms. They provide discreet and reliable service to every ride you take. Chauffeurs possess an extensive knowledge of the local city and understand what routes to take that will eventually save you a lot of time and worry. They are very personalized to each rider as everyone has different needs. This is something you will not find in the conventional transportation industry.

Chauffeurs often go beyond just driving a car. Their training involves providing special direct care to customers and putting the them first. For Chauffeurs, there is no such thing about getting their on time, it’s about arriving 15 minutes early to your destination. Many are equipped with impressive applications where they receive up-to-the minute flight information they can share with their riders at any time. This is very beneficial when it comes to being alert about your itinerary that can change due to weather conditions or an unforeseen setback. Either way, you can rest assured that your chauffeur is in direct communications with your airport and has the updates to keep you informed.

They also deal with the many LA traffic delays. Seasoned drivers immediately know whether to take a new route due to construction or a wreck on the highway. Los Angeles is a large transportation area with cars on the road at all times of the day. It’s always good to have a driver that is experience, prepared to handle the unexpected and can take action while keeping your ride on track. Background checks are mandatory and come with a chauffeur’s job expectations. This gives all riders piece of mind when knowing they are riding with a driver that has been verified by the company. All driving records should be impeccable with no infractions when it comes to hiring a chauffeur.

Consider your chauffeur your personal guide to the city. You can count on them for punctuality, professionalism and politeness. Many know how to handle customer privacy expectations whether it be a celebrity, sports star or an important business client. He or she is someone the customer can routinely rely on to keep things in order and give them a joyful ride to their destination.

Can I Get A Bodyguard with my Car Rental?

You will often find a bodyguard riding along with your chauffeur in your car service rental. These individuals have you covered from the time you step in the car and exit it. They often have backgrounds in the military or trained to handle tactical situations. This basically means they are your eyes and ears during your trips around the city. Most utilize software apps to scout out traffic changes and have direct communication with the security detail of your destination to forgo problems ahead.

Your chauffeur may also have training as a driver and security expert. While handling the car, they perform what is called Defensive driving. This means following the two second rule of knowing the minimum distance a car should be in front of them to avoid a wreck. As for Bodyguards, they focus on your protection, self-defense issues and understand your particular needs. They are well equipped with handling paparazzi situations and putting your safety above all else.

I’m Not Famous, Can I still rent a Car with a Driver?

Though car services often have riders who are deeply wealthy, that doesn’t mean you can’t rent a car service to impress a spouse or make a grand entrance at a birthday party. The fun thing about hiring a car services is that you have that option to select from a luxury fleet that may not break your budget.

Special Events

Party Buses are very popular for towing friends around to night clubs. These vehicles allow riders to let loose and enjoy their alcohol without any worries. Drivers are often trained in emergency situations and can diffuse most issues that come up. Limo car services have been used for retiring employees, lavish backyard neighborhood parties, marriage proposals, spring break getaways and even divorce parties.

These special events could be the day a limo or stretch SUV with a reliable driver fits with your planning. Car services have large fleets of luxury vehicles that are perfect for your special occasions. They can hold up to 24 passengers if needed for large groups. Most companies can adjust their services to meet your expectations. They understand and value customer service with a commitment to make your event memorable. You can even request a list of amenities during your trip. Typically you get to choose the beverages of your choice, WIFI, options for DVD or stereo equipment. Staffs are also on hand to make personal occasions very special with food layouts, flowers and several romantic music choices.

Luxury Transportation for Weddings

This event is very popular with car service companies. The bride can arrive in a limo and then the couple will be whisked away to their honeymoon in their waiting limo after the ceremony. We have all seen the excitement when someone jumps up to wave good bye through the sun roof window. A car service understands that this one of the most important days of your life, so they often go way beyond to help the customer.

Sightseeing Tours

If you are not in a wedding and want to simply explore the city, a car service can be a great choice for this activity. Drivers have a vast about of knowledge about certain historical landmarks and help you guide you through the local town. While you run in and out of each location, your driver will be sitting at the curb to take you to the next attraction. You will get top tier treatment from your chauffeur and great car amenities along the way.

Los Angeles is a great sightseeing landscape. The county has an abundance of attractions that tourists love to visit and take pictures for family at home. This can include the highly popular Hollywood Tours, hitting the Sunset Strip, The House of Blues, Hollywood Boulevard and the Mann’s Chinese Theater. You can also take a trip outside of Los Angeles to view the Topanga Canyons, outlet malls or even just take in the amazing view of the mountains. All of these areas offer breathtaking scenery that is very captivating. Another area to head out to is the Pacific Coast Highway. The rocky coastline has a long list of beautiful beaches. A few of these are The Pacific Palisades, Malibu, the Lake Shrine and The Getty Museum.

Corporate Car Service Needs

If your company is in need of using a fleet of cars for business reasons, a car service can save you a lot of money. There are discounts when using a pre-paid services or simply maintaining a corporate account that you can routinely use for different situations. The savings are huge when it comes to factoring in all the costs.

You can even decide if your company wants to partake in having some ownership rights. This can give you immediate chauffeurs to drive the luxury cars that can be available at any time. You will no longer have to worry about locking down a car to fit a schedule when you have direct access to them. Each company that signs up for this type of service gets a selected amount of hours depending on their needs. You can always pre-book with the company to cut down on costs.

Can I order a Car Service Online or From My Smartphone?

Technology is a wonderful thing when it comes to saving time and having accessibility to a platform that caters to your needs. Car service companies allow you to either hop online or use your iPhone to book a reservation. Quotes can be available instantly after putting in you destinations. Many companies are equipped with apps you can download to lock in a reservation if you need to be picked up at the airport. Most people book a Town Car or Limo to get them quickly to their next location. Companies offer an easy to use booking form directly on their home pages.

Your reservation will give you a confirmation in seconds and provide you with the assurance of getting picked up on time and meeting your schedule. As stated before, Chauffeurs typically have all flight information by using state of the art software. They can inform you of any upcoming delays that change pick up or drop off locations. The goal for a car service is to make sure your experience is seamless and without any headaches.

While online, car service forms will allow you to select pick up times, the date needed, insert the amount of passengers and the destinations where you are going. If you decide to call in directly, then a driver will answer and analyze the details of your intended trip and make the reservation immediately.

What Locations Do Car Rental Services Frequent?

Most car services based in Los Angeles will service the regular exchanges from popular airports like Los Angeles (LAX), Van Nuys, Burbank (BUR), Santa Monica, Long Beach, John Wayne and Orange County. Once you are in the car, the driver is well-verse on how to navigate between areas such as Silverlake, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, North Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Hiring a car service shouldn’t be a hassle. There are many to choose from and have luxury fleets that are very impressive. If you are considering hiring a car service, you may find its the best decision when trying to navigate the roads of Los Angeles. Call a car service gives you comprehensible quotes, professional drivers on staff and keeps your safety in mind with a bodyguard included. If you are on the go, then book online or simply use your smartphone. Of course, you have the option to call and when you do a driver can take your trip information and complete your booking in an instant.

Several professional are available to help in your ground transportation while visiting Los Angeles. It’s best to call today, book that needed reservation or simply get your questions answered. If your are an online person, then navigate through the forms and book directly through the portal. Remember, there are many fleets available and you can choose whichever car meets your needs.

Chauffeur and Bodyguards have your back when driving you throughout the city. They understand the importance of getting you to that desired meeting or event. You will be surprise at the clean detail of the luxury cars, amenities included and the professionalism of the entire staff.

All are trained to protect privacy, handle unexpected situations and keep you informed of any necessary diversions from your route. You’ll be happy you’ve hired a car service to deal with the Los Angeles terrain that can often be intimidating when taking this responsibility on your own. Do your research and make your reservation today.

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