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What do chauffeurs do while they are waiting for you?

Have you ever wondered?

Let’s start with what our chauffeurs don’t do while they’re waiting for you. They don’t leave the area. They don’t fall asleep. And they certainly don’t drive anyone else during your time. The fact is, when you book a car it’s just that. Your car for the day or night. Whether you’re in the vehicle or not, your limousine, luxury sedan, SUV or town car is always on stand by and ready for you.

A good chauffeur is always looking for the best route to and from your destination. He or she is on top of up to the minute traffic reports and flight schedules to ensure there are no unnecessary delays for you and your passengers.


Today, most drivers carry laptops, tablets, kindles or other e-readers and can keep them selves busy with all sorts of electronic entertainment.

As you know, traffic in Los Angeles can be unusually congested between road works, rush hour as well as any unforeseen problems. Our chauffeurs are aware of what’s going on in the city in general and your route in particular. Airports too can have their own congestion issues.


24 - 7 Customer Service Availability

24/7 customer support

Whether you need flight updates, client status, driver location, or a simple meet and greet to handle you and your luggage…

That’s where we connect the dots!

Large or small. Sedan or SUV.  Flying by yourself or in need of several SUV’s…

We are there for you! 

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