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What do chauffeurs do while they are waiting for you?

Have you ever wondered?

Let’s start with what our chauffeurs don’t do while they’re waiting for you. They don’t leave the area. They don’t fall asleep. And they certainly don’t drive anyone else during your time. The fact is, when you book a car it’s just that. Your car for the day or night. Whether you’re in the vehicle or not, your limousine, luxury sedan, SUV or town car is always on stand by and ready for you.

A good chauffeur is always looking for the best route to and from your destination. He or she is on top of up to the minute traffic reports and flight schedules to ensure there are no unnecessary delays for you and your passengers.


Today, most drivers carry laptops, tablets, kindles or other e-readers and can keep them selves busy with all sorts of electronic entertainment.

As you know, traffic in Los Angeles can be unusually congested between road works, rush hour as well as any unforeseen problems. Our chauffeurs are aware of what’s going on in the city in general and your route in particular. Airports too can have their own congestion issues.


Flights are sometimes late and sometimes they’re early. If you’re early at the airport, our chauffeurs will know that ahead of time and be there for you without you having to make a call. When it comes to ground transportation in Los Angeles you’ve come to the right place. Our drivers are professional, experienced and know the city so you don’t have to. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a completely stress free ride.

Sometimes chauffeurs will clean the inside of the vehicle while waiting for you so when you return the car is like new again. Sometimes our chauffeurs may be getting caught up on some light reading. Or maybe they’re watching the local news on their iPad checking for weather conditions, traffic updates and anything that may be currently going on in the city. A good chauffeurs isn’t just a driver.

With us, he or she is so much more. Our chauffeurs all have excellent driving records, a first hand knowledge of the city and a professional attitude. When driving celebrities, sports figures and media personalities discretion is key. We treat each passenger with the respect they deserve, and drive them in the style they expect.

Your chauffeur may be doing many things while waiting for you. Or maybe very little. The fact is he or she will be there, ready to assist with whatever shopping or luggage you may have. Ready to take you need to be. And ready to be of service to you and everyone else travelling with you. Each and every passenger is treated with respect and the utmost courtesy.

You don’t have to be a rock star or celebrity to get five star treatment. That five star treatment is extended to everyone the minute they step into one of our luxury vehicles. Our drivers would like to officially welcome you to a whole new level of ground transportation.

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