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Corporate Limousine, SUV, Sprinter or Sedan Service in Los Angeles

Take the stress of traffic out of meetings or sales calls

Corporate Sedan Service

Almost all high upper echelon executives already use chauffeured transportation. Most of these execs understand that it’s not just about ego or entitlement. It’s just smart business. 

When these executives arrive at their destination, they are much more relaxed and prepared for whatever high level meeting or event they are attending.

Let us take this example a little further and use some data to explain why your bottom line numbers will increase when your top closers arrive in the same state of mind as your top executives. Let’s do a mind experiment with some potential scenarios keeping in mind what it is like to drive through LA traffic:

  • A development professional is in charge of fundraising for your non-profit and they are en route to meet a potential large donor.
  • A sales person is going to try to close a customer on a 5 figure proposal.
  • Either of these potential scenarios the potential client or donor is coming to meet you.

How do you want the executive to arrive or that donor to perceive you?

The bottom line is, using chauffeured transportation makes good business sense when there is big ROI at steak. 

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"We started sending our team to executive sales calls in cars from Hollywood Town Car a few years ago and their conversion rates went up 30%. The sales people arrive relaxed and prepared. The numbers speak for themselves."
Marissa S
VP of Sales

Customizable Communication

Because we understand there are different needs based on each or our clients and each of those clients’ needs on a trip by trip basis, we will create a custom communication plan for you on a case by case or trip by trip basis. Here is what that can look like. 

If you have arranged a pick up one for one of your clients and you want to know when that person actually gets in the vehicle. Our drivers are in constant contact with our dispatch team. As soon as our driver gives the dispatchers an update, we will keep you in the loop and let you know where the vehicle is at all times. This type of service is virtually unheard of.

We are happy to setup a custom account plan that makes the most sense for your business. A few of the plans we offer are:

  • Prepaid service cards
  • Corporate discounts
  • Fractional vehicle ownership
  • Corporate credit cards
  • Meeting and event services
  • A custom plan for your needs

With Hollywood Town Car and Limousines’ range of available vehicles and the countless reasons you or your company will need our services, using a prepaid service card or setting up a corporate account will definitely provide noticeable savings.

With fractional vehicle ownership, your company can be a part owner of a chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle that will be available whenever you need it. You receive a predetermined quantity of hours based on your anticipated needs, and the pre-booking allows us to extend significant cost savings.

Our fleet includes not only Town Cars and limousines, but also luxury SUVs, stretch SUVs, vans, party buses, mini-buses and exclusive luxury vehicles.

With all these transportation options available, your company has several reasons to consider taking advantage of our corporate plans. If you expect to need regular service or enjoy the convenience of having a vehicle ready when you are, ask about Hollywood Town Car and Limousine’s corporate accounts options.

Make your trip perfect.

Call 818-918-3800 your ride awaits.

We also maintain a wide range of cars for your needs which include Mercedes sprinters, limos, SUVs, party buses and luxury vehicles. Whatever you need we’ve got. Our dispatchers are ready to solve all your industry transportation needs.

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