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Get a limo from LA to Las Vegas

Limo to Las Vegas

We often get calls for long trips to places like Las Vegas or the Palm Springs area. Callers are looking for all different types of vehicles and it always brings up the same types of issues.

2 types of trips

The first and most common is when the client wants us to take them one way and drop them off at a location in the desert or somewhere else.

The second scenario is when the client wants us to take them on a long haul then bring them back to their starting point.

It's Easy

For one way trips to Las Vegas, Palm Springs or any other long distance, we charge an hourly rate from the pick up location back to our garage.

For a round trip, This is easy when the guest will only be at the destination for a short time such as a few hours. We simply charge an hourly rate for the wait time. It gets a little more complex when there is an overnight. The booking of the lodging for the driver can be acquired by either you (the client) or Hollywood Town Car and Limousine.

One Way Pricing

Below is one way pricing from most locations in Los Angeles to the Las Vegas Strip. If the vehicle you are looking for is not listed, please call for availability and pricing.

Vehicle# of PassengersHourly Rate
Executive Sedan2$1,200.00
Luxury Sedan3$1,500.00
Executive SUV6$1,800.00
Luxury SUV6$2,100.00
Stretch Limousine88$2,100.00
Stretch Limousine1111$2,400.00
Sprinter Van14$2,100.00
Sprinter Van Executive14$2,300.00
Jet Sprinter6-7$2,500.00
Sprinter Limo12-14$3,000.00

Driver Overnights

When you want to stay overnight and keep the driver to get you around in Las Vegas, it is best to have the driver stay at the same hotel at which you will be staying so that if you need to driver on short notice, he or she will be close by.

The bottom line is this, on long hauls, we have policies in place to ensure that you get the type of service you are used to and we can continue to deliver that service to you in the comfort and style you have grown accustomed to.

Hollywood Town Car and Limousine Long Haul Policy:

  1. One way transfers will be offered at a flat rate for the initial trip and the empty return will be billed at our standard hourly rate.
  2. Round trips without extended wait time will be billed at a flat rate for each way with standard hourly rates for wait time at the destination.
  3. Overnights will be billed as follows:
    1. Each leg of the “long haul” will be billed at a flat rate.
    2. Lodging for the driver can either be acquired by the client or by Hollywood Town Car and Limousine and will be billed at the actual rate plus $100.00 per diem for the driver.
    3. Additional transportation at the destination city will be billed at our standard hourly rates.

Full Scale Customer Service

From our 24-7 booking team to our tracking technology to show you where your vehicles are to flight tracking while you‘re in our limos, we make sure you know where everyone is all the time.

Rather than a DIY transportation solution, Hollywood Town Car and Limousine offers end-to-end, door-to-door service, including any side stops you want to make and even shopping trips to Los Angeles’s legendary locations.

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