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Los Angeles Event Shuttles

Welcome to Hollywood Town Car and Limousine, your premier provider of luxury transportation services in Los Angeles

Easily shuttle your guests to and from your event.

Whether you need to transport passengers from LA hotels to an event or shuttle them from a designated parking location, Hollywood Town Car and Limousine has the vehicles and expertise to ensure a flawless transportation experience.

Event Shuttle Types

We understand that the success of an event depends on various factors, including the location and the number of guests in attendance. At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine, we have a diverse fleet of vehicles that can cater to your specific needs, ensuring the perfect transportation solution for your event.

Professional and Courteous Event Staff

At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine, we take pride not only in our luxurious vehicles but also in our exceptional event transportation staff. From professional chauffeurs to dedicated hospitality desk personnel, greeters, security,  valet parking staff, and transportation coordinators, our team is committed to providing a seamless and memorable experience for your event.

We also offer full service event transportation logistics.

Book Your Event Shuttle Service for Any Occasion

Parties, Events, Weddings, and More


Get your guests there in style and comfort


Create a day to remember by booking the perfect car and driver for your special day.


Elevate any event experience with limo service.


Transport your attendees from hotels and short term rentals to the event location.

When to use Event Shuttles

In Los Angeles, finding convenient parking can often be a challenge, especially when it comes to events. Many event venues and especially homes there is limited space for vehicle parking, making it necessary to explore alternative transportation options. At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine, we understand the parking predicament faced by event organizers and offer a solution that ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for you and your guests: our Los Angeles Event Shuttles.

  1. Limited Event Venue Parking: Event venues in Los Angeles frequently have restricted parking options due to space limitations or high demand. This scarcity of parking spots can pose a significant inconvenience for event organizers and attendees alike. However, with our Los Angeles Event Shuttles, you can sidestep the parking conundrum altogether.

  2. Renting a Parking Lot: To alleviate the parking crunch, many event organizers opt to rent a parking lot in close proximity to the event venue. This strategy allows for a centralized parking solution that can accommodate a larger number of vehicles. By securing a dedicated parking lot, you can ensure a smoother flow of traffic and a more organized parking experience.

  3. Shuttle Service: Once you’ve secured a nearby parking lot, our Los Angeles Event Shuttles come into play. Our luxury vans and minibuses will serve as shuttle vehicles, transporting your guests from the designated parking area directly to the event venue. This way, you can mitigate the hassle and inconvenience of guests individually searching for parking spaces and walking long distances to reach the event.

  4. Return Shuttle: At the end of the event, our shuttles will efficiently transport guests back to the designated parking area. This complete shuttle service loop ensures that your guests are taken care of from the moment they arrive until their safe return to their vehicles.

By utilizing our Los Angeles Event Shuttles, you can streamline the transportation process, alleviate parking challenges, and enhance the overall guest experience. Our professional chauffeurs will handle the logistics, ensuring a seamless transition from parking to the event venue and back.

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