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What Chauffeurs Do While They Are Waiting For You

Have you ever wondered?

Today, most drivers carry laptops, tablets, kindles or other e-readers and can keep themselves busy with all sorts of electronic entertainment.

What our chauffeurs don’t do

As you know, traffic in Los Angeles can be unusually congested between road works, rush hour as well as any unforeseen problems. Our chauffeurs are aware of what’s going on in the city in general and your route in particular. Airports too can have their own congestion issues. Read more about our chauffeurs here.

What our chauffeurs do

When a chauffeur is waiting for their passengers, they typically have a few responsibilities to attend to. These can include:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance: Chauffeurs are responsible for ensuring that their vehicle is clean and well-maintained before picking up passengers. While they wait, they may take the opportunity to check and refill fluids, clean the interior, or perform any necessary maintenance.

  2. Navigation and Route Planning: Chauffeurs often plan out the most efficient route to their destination ahead of time, but they may use this waiting period to double-check their route or make any necessary adjustments.

  3. Communication: Chauffeurs may use this time to communicate with their passengers, confirming the pickup location or discussing any special requests or needs.

  4. Professional Development: Some chauffeurs may use this time to enhance their professional skills or knowledge. They may read up on industry trends, attend training sessions, or study for exams or certifications.

  5. Personal Tasks: Chauffeurs may use this time to attend to personal tasks, such as making phone calls or responding to emails.

It’s important to note that while chauffeurs do have some downtime while they wait for passengers, they remain on the clock and ready to serve their clients at a moment’s notice. They must be attentive, professional, and ready to provide excellent service when the time comes to pick up their passengers.

Read more about our chauffeurs here.

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