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Stretch Limousine

Go old school.

A Stretch Limousine is perfect for a wild night on the town or when you need to make an impressive arrival at the event.

You will be assigned a Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler 300 or Lincoln MKT.

Read more about our limo services here.

What's inside:

Impeccable service

Our drivers know the best routes to and from all hotels and neighborhoods in the Los Angeles and Orange County and will deliver seamless service for all your travel needs. 

How are limos made?

The process of making a limousine involves several stages, including vehicle selection, stretching, interior customization, and final finishing. Here is a general overview of how limousines are typically made:

  1. Vehicle Selection: The first step is selecting a suitable base vehicle, which is typically a luxury sedan, SUV or Sprinter van. Common choices include models from manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Cadillac, or Chrysler. The base vehicle is chosen based on factors such as size, performance, and desired features.

  2. Stretching: The selected base vehicle undergoes a process called “stretching,” where the vehicle’s chassis is lengthened to create additional passenger space. This is typically achieved by cutting the vehicle in half and adding a specially fabricated section to extend the body. The stretching process requires careful engineering and expertise to maintain structural integrity and ensure a seamless appearance.

  3. Interior Customization: After stretching, the interior of the limousine is completely customized to create a luxurious and comfortable environment. This involves designing and installing features such as plush seating, mood lighting, advanced audio and video systems, mini-bars, entertainment consoles, and privacy partitions. The customization can also include high-end materials like leather upholstery, wood or carbon fiber accents, and custom trim.

  4. Amenities and Features: Limousines are known for their special amenities and features. These can include a range of options such as a partition between the driver and passengers, climate control systems, sunroofs, intercom systems, high-quality sound systems, and even integrated technology like touch-screen controls, Wi-Fi connectivity, and multimedia entertainment.

  5. Safety and Structural Enhancements: During the customization process, attention is given to reinforcing the structural integrity and ensuring safety features. This may include reinforcing the chassis, adding safety equipment like airbags, upgrading suspension systems, and installing advanced driver-assistance systems to provide a secure and comfortable ride.

  6. Final Finishing: Once the interior customization is complete, the limousine goes through a final finishing stage. This includes painting and applying a professional exterior finish, detailing the bodywork, and ensuring all components are properly fitted and aligned. The finishing stage focuses on refining the appearance and ensuring the limousine meets the highest quality standards.

  7. Quality Control and Testing: After the construction is complete, the limousine undergoes rigorous quality control checks and testing to ensure that all systems are functioning correctly, and the vehicle meets safety and performance standards.

It’s important to note that the process of making a limousine can vary depending on the specific customization company, the desired features, and the level of luxury we at Hollywood Town Car and Limousine request from the coach builder. Each limousine is unique and tailored to the our teams preferences, resulting in a personalized and distinctive vehicle.

What is a coach builder?

A coach builder is a company or individual specializing in the design, construction, and customization of luxury and custom-built vehicles. Coach builders are skilled craftsmen and engineers who transform existing vehicle platforms or chassis into unique and bespoke creations tailored to the specific preferences and requirements of their clients.

Traditionally, coach builders were involved in creating horse-drawn carriages and later transitioned to building custom bodies for automobiles. They were responsible for crafting the exterior bodywork, interior appointments, and overall design aesthetics. With the advancement of automotive manufacturing, the role of coach builders has evolved to include modifications, conversions, and customization of existing vehicle platforms.

Coach builders work closely with clients to understand their desired specifications and transform their vision into reality. They have expertise in various disciplines, including automotive design, engineering, upholstery, carpentry, metalwork, and electrical systems. They may collaborate with other specialists and suppliers to incorporate high-end materials, advanced technologies, and bespoke features into the finished product.

Coach builders can create a wide range of custom vehicles, including luxury sedans, limousines, armored vehicles, vintage car restorations, custom SUVs, and even specialized vehicles for specific purposes like mobile offices or luxury motorhomes. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ability to bring unique concepts to life make coach builders sought after by individuals and companies seeking exclusive and customized automotive solutions.

Today, coach building is often a combination of traditional handcrafted techniques and modern technology, with computer-aided design (CAD) and advanced manufacturing processes playing a significant role in the creation of these unique vehicles.

Our Fleet Policies

Pricing and Minimums:

Combining our unrivaled, daily maintenance regimen, in-house auto detailing, near constant vehicle upgrades and the acquisition and implementation of state of the art technologies, your ride is Guaranteed to be perfect. 


All of our fleet is maintained with daily, monthly and semi-annual updates and upgrades.


Our in-house detailers look at every nook and cranny to ensure your car looks perfect.

Vehicle Acquisition

We are always on the lookout for new and vintage vehicles to make our fleet more fun and attractive.


State of the art sound systems, LED lighting, On-Board WiFi are just a few of the technologies you will find in our fleet.

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