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LAX Sprinter

What is the best option for large groups at LAX?

If you need to transport between 6 and 18 passengers from LAX to a hotel, Airbnb or anyplace in the southern California area, your best option is a Mercedes Sprinter.  Sprinters work with groups between 6 passengers and 18 passengers when an SUV is too small and a charter bus is too big. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into what a sprinter is, what are the different configurations and what are the pros and cons of a sprinter at LAX.

For many years, there were very few options when picking up a medium sized group of passengers at LAX. 

We would either send several SUVs, a traditional stretch limousine or a coach bus which is basically a large van conversion. With the advent of the Mercedes Sprinter, that filled the gap that was desperately needed for the livery industry for way more than airport transfers. With extra leg room, plenty of storage for luggage or gear, and large windows for a fantastic view, Sprinters are great for medium sized groups needing almost any type of transportation.

Picking up passengers at LAX with a Sprinter

Due to the low ceilings in the parking lots at LAX, we will not be able to have  the driver park in the lot and greet you at the baggage claim. All sprinter and bus drivers wait at the livery staging area just outside of LAX and wait for you to get your bags and head out to the curb. The driver will then drive around the loop and pick you up at the curb at the arrivals area of your terminal.
We offer several possible options for you and your guests when arriving at the airport.

BYO Wrangler

The least expensive way to to this is to set an individual within your party as the designated wrangler. This person would ensure that all of your guests are together and once your entire party has their luggage, the "wrangler would contact your driver and let them know you are ready to be picked up.

Greeter Service

With this option, one of our chauffeurs or staff would meet your entire party at the baggage claim area and wait for all of your guests to collect their luggage from the carousel. Once everyone is ready, the greeter will call the driver and have him or her collect your party curbside when ready.

Executive Greeter

One of our licensed, greeters will meet your party at the gate when you disembark from the aircraft. The greeter then escorts you and your party to the baggage claim and assists with the collection of bags. Once ready, the greeter contact the driver and have him or her collect your party curbside

Black Tie - VIP Service

When the guest is a recognizable celebrity or media figure, we can include our greeter and LAX security services to escort the passenger from the plane to the door of the vehicle. This service is not always available and requires advanced booking. If we can help we certainly will.

This Service is Free

Starting at $100

Starting at $250

Please call for pricing

What More Information?

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If you would like to request a quote or make a reservation, we would love to hear from you.

LAX Sprinter Configurations

Sprinters are made in several different configurations. Some are done at the Mercedes factory and others are done by limo coachworks designers. Let’s take a look at the different configurations. Although they all look similar on the outside, our coachbuilders make extensive modifications to the inside.

Sprinter Coach

Seats 8 to 15 passengers

Sprinter Coach

Seats 8 to 15 passengers

Sprinter Executive

Seats 4 to 10 Passengers

Sprinter Executive

Seats 4 to 10 Passengers

Sprinter Limo

Seats 6 to 12 Passengers

Sprinter Limo

Seats 6 to 12 Passengers

The sprinter coach is great for simple transportation and can accommodate up to 15 passengers. 

The sprinter executive offers a great deal more comfort and luxury. Seating from 6 to 10 passengers

The sprinter limo configurations are great for a night on the town with yout friends. Our limos seat up to 12 passengers comfortably.

The Mercedes Sprinter has become the industry standard for transporting groups between 6 and 18 passengers. The main reason for this is that the ceiling of the sprinter is very high and that allows the guests to stand up while getting in, getting out and while traveling. This may not seem to be a big deal but if you have ever tried to get in and out of a stretch limousine, it isn’t fun or easy especially if you are wearing a dress.  For drivers and chauffeurs, the vehicle drives like a mercedes so it is incredibly comfortable for long haul limo trips. This comfortable ride is not limited to the driver of course. The rear seats have been designed specifically to give the passengers the highest level of comfort available in the limousine industry. 

When to choose a Sprinter for my group

We service all airports in southern California and Worldwide

With a minimum or 24 hours notice, we can have any number of sprinters ready to collect you and your guests just about anywhere.

Being based in LA, we have a full-time staff of chauffeurs and a support team to get you to any airports in Southern California including:

Local Service Airports 

These airports are the main hubs in Southern California. We can provide any type of service from these locations. They are all covered by our point-to-point as well as hourly rates.
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Ontario International Airport
  • John Wayne Airport
  • Hollywood – Burbank Airport
  • Long Beach Airport
  • Hawthorn Municipal Airport

Local Towered General Aviation –

Fixed-base operator airports. (FBO)
Each airport has from one to several fixed based operators to facilitate private plane take offs and landings. These operators often provide high end lounges for you and your guests.
Private jet service pick up is mostly serviced by SUVs or sedans. All FBO pickups are charged on an hourly basis. We will need the tail number of your plane to track the flight and to drive the vehicle on to the tarmac for pickup when on-tarmac pickup is available.
  • Brackett Field (IATA: POC, ICAO: KPOC) is in La Verne.
  • Camarillo Airport (IATA: CMA, ICAO: KCMA) is in Camarillo. It is the former Oxnard Air Force Base.
  • Chino Airport (IATA: CNO, ICAO: KCNO) is in Chino.
  • El Monte Airport (IATA: EMT, ICAO: KEMT) is in El Monte.
  • Fullerton Municipal Airport (IATA: FUL, ICAO: KFUL) is in Fullerton.
  • General William J. Fox Airfield (IATA: WJF, ICAO: KWJF) is in Lancaster.
  • Hawthorne Municipal Airport (IATA: HHR, ICAO: KHHR) is in Hawthorne.
  • Oxnard Airport (IATA: OXR, ICAO: KOXR) is in Oxnard.
  • Palmdale Regional Airport (IATA: PMD, ICAO: KPMD)
  • Riverside Municipal Airport (IATA: RAL, ICAO: KRAL) is in Riverside
  • Santa Monica Airport (IATA: SMO, ICAO: KSMO) is in Santa Monica.
  • Southern California Logistics Airport (IATA: VCV, ICAO: KVCV)
  • Van Nuys Airport (IATA: VNY, ICAO: KVNY
  • Whiteman Airport (IATA: WHP, ICAO: KWHP)
  • Zamperini Field (IATA: TOA, ICAO: KTOA) is in Torrance.

Local Non-towered general aviation airports –

These are smaller airports that we do service but rarely.
All drop offs are either transfer rate or hourly and all pickups are hourly trips.
  • Agua Dulce Airpark
  • Apple Valley Airport (IATA: APV, ICAO: KAPV) is in Apple Valley
  • Cable Airport (IATA: CCB, ICAO: KCCB) is in Upland.
  • Catalina Airport (IATA: AVX, ICAO: KAVX) is near Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.
  • Compton/Woodley Airport (IATA: CPM, ICAO: KCPM) is in Compton.
  • Corona Municipal Airport (IATA: AJO, ICAO: KAJO) is in Corona.
  • Flabob Airport (IATA: RIR, ICAO: KRIR) is in Riverside.
  • Perris Valley Airport (FAA LID: L65) is in Perris.
  • Redlands Municipal Airport (IATA: REI, ICAO: KREI) is in Redlands.