Press Junkets and Media Tours

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Press Junkets and Media Tours

We started helping PR professionals with PR tours over 10 years ago when a prominent NYC PR team realized that getting talent around Los Angeles on a tight time frame can be extremely difficult if you are not completely familiar with the best routes to take. They contacted us and it soon became very clear that the benefits of having a car and driver rather than a rental car were multifold.

Not only did getting from location to location become a breeze as our drivers know the city so well, but there were many other clear reasons why using HTC Limousine made these days so much easier.

The travel between events immediately became a much better way to debrief between events and everyone involved arrived at the next location feeling relaxed and ready for whatever challenges awaited.

What are the different types of press events?

Book Signings

News Conference

Radio Broadcast

TV Appearance

Product Launch

For the first few press days, the clients requested a stretch limousine for the team to get from press event to press event. It quickly became clear that although this was a stylish and comfortable way to travel, it was slow in traffic and difficult to get in and out.

Our team always suggests an SUV for small teams and an Executive Sprinter for larger teams. These vehicles are more nimble and the sprinter is a lot more spacious than a stretch limo which may be fine for a day with a single book signing or TV appearance but not to effective for a day scheduled with multiple events.

Our clients always find it reassuring that our drivers can do more than just drive. Communication with dispatch and management teams becomes a breeze when you take advantage of our ability to communicate with the team members that may need to know where you are but cannot be in the vehicle the day of the events. 

As you move from event to event, our driver and dispatch team can coordinate to send text or email updates to anybody on your team. Please let us know your custom requirements for communicating updates and we will be happy keep everyone in the loop.

Discretion is important in the entertainment industry, and we place a high value on ensuring it. We appreciate the need for privacy and delicacy. We also know how to make sure even the most demanding client enjoys their trip and gets everything exactly as requested.

24 - 7 Customer Service Availability

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That’s where we connect the dots!

Large or small. Sedan or SUV.  Flying by yourself or in need of several SUV’s…

We are there for you! 

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