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Are Limos Out of Style?

The short answer is yes.

This is what has changed

In Los Angeles, limos have been known to be a symbol of luxury, extravagance, and status for or decades. Stretch limos have been a staple in LA, catering to the rich and famous and those who aspire to be like them. However, in recent years, there has been a shift in the way people view limos. Many argue that they are no longer as popular as they once were and are, in fact, out of style. 

Changing social norms has been the biggest factor in the decline in popularity of of stretch limos. While they were once seen as a status symbol and a way to flaunt wealth and power, this kind of ostentatious display is no longer acceptable or desirable. In fact, many people may view it as tacky or in poor taste. 

With the advent of Mercedes Sprinter Limo conversions, our clients have found that the Sprinter Limo is a far superior option that meets the same requirement as a stretch limousine without the flamboyant display that limos seem to bring to mind.

Do people still use stretch limos?

Of course they do. Stretch limos are still extremely popular for certain types of events where they are still relevant and more importantly, they are appropriate. On Oscar night, and other awards shows around the LA area, our entire fleet of stretch limousines has always been entirely utilized by the Hollywood crowd and still is.

Every year when prom season comes around, our phone lines blow up with youngsters and their parents requesting quotes.

Black stretch limousines are still widely used for funerals and white stretches are of course often booked for weddings for the bride and groom.

Sprinter Limos are just way better

There are several reasons that people have migrated towards the use of sprinters over stretch limousines. Obviously, the Mercedes sprinter limo avoids the perception of extravagance that the stretch limo invokes from the general public as the exterior the sprinter can’t be differentiated from a sprinter coach. This takes away the appearance of  ostentatiousness that the stretch limo evokes in todays’ culture.

There are some much better reasons why the Sprinter limousine configuration is far superior to a stretch. The main reason is the ability for you and your guests to stand up as the sprinter has such high ceilings. This may not sound like a big deal until you actually get inside the sprinter.

When entering a limo, each person must slide in through the door and keep sliding all the way inside to their seat. This is not so bad for those wearing pants but not so good for those wearing dresses which they inevitably are wearing to the type of event that a limousine would be used.

Imagine trying to slide all the way across the car in a prom dress or wedding gown. It’s just not a great look when the dress or gown climbs up on the slide not to mention the wrinkling of said garment.

As the door and ceiling of the sprinter limo are so much taller, you and your guest passengers will enter standing yup and simply walk to their seat and sit down. This avoids the wardrobe issues mentioned above and make a wholly more enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Of course the ammenites of the sprinter limousine are the same or better than the traditional stretch limousine as well.

Sprinter Limos include:

  • An LED multi-colored lighting system
  • Big screen TV and video system
  • A full bar with champagne flutes and glassware
  • State of the art surround sound
  • Ice, water, mixers, soda and plenty of cold storage for additional beverages.
Our staff and clients recommend  the sprinter limo over the traditional stretch limo almost exclusively.

Finally, some people may view sprinter limos as less luxurious than stretch limos, as they are not as long or sleek in design. While this may be a matter of personal preference, it is important to consider how the vehicle’s design may impact the perception of the event or occasion.

While both stretch limousines and sprinter limos are popular choices for luxury transportation services, sprinter limos tend to have several advantages over stretch limousines.

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