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LAX – Limo / TNC Waiting Lots

Looking For The Waiting Lot?

LAX – Limo / TNC Waiting Lots

The only time our guests ever get to experience the splendor of the “limo lot” is when they ride along with us to pick up a friend or relative from LAX. When you arrive at the limo lot, you will see many, many town cars, SUVs, limousines, charter buses and a few other scattered livery vehicles.

All these cars are waiting for passengers to arrive from all over the world. 

The LAX limousine charter and transponder can be acquired at LAX land-side operations after jumping through a few hoops and paying…and paperworky red-tapey things. This process can be slow and tedious but can be expedited if you know the right people. The odd thing is this, if a flight is landing before 6:30 am or close to it, any pickups are in fact, illegal. 

The limo lot was inside LAX for many years. We drivers liked it a lot better when it was. For one thing, it was fun. It was right at the beginning of the north runway and the planes would approach directly over your head. It is a truly spectacular site to see a jumbo jet, fifty or sixty feet above your head. The other reason was, it was better for our clients and guests. We were parked less than 2 minutes away from Terminal One curbside and about 5-7 minutes from the Bradley terminal. You can now add about 5 to 10 minutes to your curbside wait time because of the move. Thanks LAX management!

Current Limo Lot Location

Due to Construction at LAX – All Uber, Lyft,  Taxis or any other Ride-Share vehicles are not allowed inside LAX for pickups.

Ride-Share and Taxi passengers will be directed to a LAX-it shuttle that will take them to the LAX-it lot located just east and north of T1.

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