Executive Sedan

An Executive Sedan is perfect for a trip to the airport or a humble business meeting.

Premium Quality

The best American and European Sedans for a luxury ride.
Stretch out your legs, flip down that vanity mirror and listen to super high fidelity audio as your chauffeur address all of your desires.

LUXURY AND STYLE | Lincoln MKT | Cadillac XTS or Similar


With an executive sedan you get:

  • A unique combination of style and power.
  • Full Grain Leather Seats
  • Flip Down Vanity Mirrors
  • Best in Class Rear Leg Room
Our luxury vehicles are perfectly maintained and serviced daily.

We have a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from.  Would you like something unique for that special event or night on the town?

Our Fleet Policies

Combining our unrivaled, daily maintenance regimen, in-house auto detailing, near constant vehicle upgrades and the acquisition and implementation of state of the art technologies, your ride is Guaranteed to be perfect. 


All of our fleet is maintained with daily, monthly and semi-anual updates and upgrades.


Our in-house detailers look at every nook and cranny to ensure your car looks perfect

New Vehicle Acquisition

We are alsways on the lookout for new and vintage vehicles to make our fleet more fun and attractive.


State of the art sound systems, LED lighting, On-Board WiFi are just a few of the technologies you will find in our fleet.

24 - 7 Customer Service Availability

Whether you need flight updates, client status, driver location, or a simple meet and greet to handle you and your luggage…

That’s where we connect the dots!

Large or small. Sedan or SUV.  Flying by yourself or in need of several SUV’s…

We are there for you! 

Call us today: 818-918-3800